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Repairing the Damage

Repairing the Damage


The sun is essential for your skin and overall health (check out our previous blogs for more info - linked at the bottom of the page); however, what if you've taken things a little too far and are now the proud owner of a sun burn, age spots or other sun damage? Prolonged time in the sun leads to extra strain on your skin and the possibility of permanent damage. The pre-sun protective routine is just as important and the post-sun reviving routine. Now, not all sun damage is reversible, but if you care for your skin after an accidental over-exposure you might just be able to nurse it back to health. Here is a look at our after sun care routine that revitalizes your skin after a day of sun exposure.

To understand why your after sun routine is essential, it is best to recognize what has happened to your skin. Even if you dodged the blistering, painful burn; your skin has incurred UV damages, because you can't actually avoid them.

UVB rays damage the skin's proteins and membranes, as well as the DNA of skin cells. This leads to inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue (the fatty part of your tissue). You will notice redness, that your skin is hot to the touch, and you may experience itching and pain.

UVA rays also penetrated your skin, but they travel deeper causing damage to the collagen, which reduces skin elasticity (causing aging). 

Continuous and prolonged exposure will lead to more serious problems! Help your skin by practicing these 3 main important after sun steps: soothe, repair, protect.

Be extra gentle on your skin during this time. Avoid scrubbing, course towels, harsh rubbing and abrasive clothing. 


  • STAY  OUT OF THE SUN! Once your skin is in repair mode, being out of the elements is your best bet.
  • Take a lukewarm (or cool) bath or shower to cool your skin down, and remove sunscreen, sweat, dirt and grime from the day. 
  • Keep your skincare items in the fridge to alleviate inflamed and overheated skin, plus it feels amazing after a hot day! 


  • Hydrate your skin! Reach for your serums, after sun spray, face mist and soothing oils before moisturizers are applied. These will penetrate your skin at a deeper level allowing the healing vitamins and oils to do their job and boost your skin’s moisture levels - toss these products in the fridge before application to give your skin an added cooling bonus!
  • Moisturize. Since you will be giving your skin back all the lost hydration, make sure you’re keeping it in with body butters, lotions, or after sun salve. 
  • Hydrate from within! Water is lost through your skin all day, give your body lots of water and fluids to replace what was lost. Don't forget electrolytes!! 
  • Proper nutrition is also key in mending your damaged skin. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins that are good for regeneration of the skin. 


  • Apply and reapply your sunscreen when outdoors. Mineral sunscreen will be your best bet for hypersensitive skin, as well as keeping both UVA and UVB rays reflecting off the skin. 
  • Wear loose, lightweight clothing and hats to keep your damaged skin covered. 


Enjoy your time in the sun + remember to nurture your skin before, during and after. 

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