Curious About Clays

by DelRae Cicinelli

The powdered face mask has been a part of our brand recognition since the beginning, and although we were initially known for three (pink clay + frankincense, turmeric + grapefruit, and charcoal) we doubled the benefits and introduced three additional skin changing combinations. This week I want to dive into these concoctions and share more about the ingredients and how it all works cohesively to improve your skin. 

Even though I cannot wait to explain all of the amazing benefits of the three new masks, I want to begin with the 3 OG masks from our skincare line. If you ask me which of the three originals is an all around miracle I would say the pink clay + frankincense. This mask is not only the one I recommend to everyone; it is the one I use in my weekly personal routine. 

Each of our masks begin with a bentonite clay base. Bentonite clay is a natural detoxifier often for body wellness in kidneys or GI tract, but also for hair and skin. This absorbent clay is full of minerals and originates from volcanic ash. As the ash ages it becomes what we identify as bentonite clay; the largest source of clay can be found in Fort Benton, Wyoming which is how bentonite clay gets its name. There are a multitude of healing properties within the clay; plus, it also has numerous beauty benefits. It can balance sebum (natural skin oil), reduce pore size, remove dirt, gently exfoliate, and tone and tighten the skin. Bentonite clay alone could extremely transform your skin. 

But why stop there? To give your skin the extra love it so desires we add in Rose Clay. Suitable for any skin type it restores that dewy appearance to the skin. Similarly to bentonite clay is absorbs excess sebum, cleanses pores and can be used as a natural exfoliant; however, it is a gentler clay and best for dry, sensitive skin types. Aside from the natural healing properties of these clays, we infuse Frankincense essential oil to calm and soothe irritated skin, minimize wrinkles, puffiness, and redness. Our turmeric and grapefruit clay is designed to smooth the coloration of your overall skin. Turmeric is a great choice for acne prone skin, or if your skin has evidence of scarring. Turmeric will work to lighten the scarred skin, smoothing the overall pigmentation. We infuse Grapefruit essential oil into our turmeric mask because of the anti-bacterial properties that aide in acne minimization. Grapefruit essential oil can cause photo sensitivities so we recommend using this mask at night, or if you plan to stay indoors. Lastly of the original three masks is our Charcoal and Bentonite clay. Activated charcoal gets in deep and clears our your pores, works as an amazing exfoliant and eliminates dead skin cells. 

Overall these face masks are designed to take out the dirt and grime, and leave you with refreshed, cleansed skin. As we discussed in a previous blog post, instead of planning a separate exfoliant and face mask twice a week, grab one of our powdered face masks and before you wash it off add a little water to your skin and gently massage your face allowing for a quick exfoliation. 

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