Does it Actually Work?

by DelRae Cicinelli

But does it actually work?

As customers fill my booth at a weekend show, or experience my brick and mortar space for the first time, they are intrigued by the massive amounts of products I hand make. It's such a fun experience when I tell people that I do indeed hand make everything they see on the tables. 

Often times, someone will pick up a product (a deodorant, the all purpose cleaner, the face serum roll-on), look at me and ask but does it actually work? My first thought is, well how long of an answer do you want.... because everyone knows I love to talk, but more importantly explain my process. 

Every product that I have available I test first, and if I enjoy it, or it helps MY little ones, or MY home, then I have product tester groups that use it, evaluate it and provide me feedback. If I need to tweak the item I will, run through some more testing, and then I work on the labeling. Testing continues to happen until the product is solid, then I complete the labeling and release it to the general consumer. Honestly, if it didn't work or I didn't use it, I wouldn't be selling it to you.

As products in general go, some products don't work for everyone. However, I strive to ensure that our products work for most with our rigorous testing, because when you pick up a product and say...but does it actually work my response will confidently be YES. 

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