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Exfoliation....too much of a good thing?

Exfoliation....too much of a good thing?


Exfoliation holds tremendous value, if done correctly. The most noticeable difference is the glow it provides by shedding that dead, dull skin. Gentle exfoliants, like our sugar scrubs, are perfect for weekly use to remove the dead or dying cells (dull skin), improving skin texture and tone; thus, improving cell turnover.

How often do you exfoliate? Daily? Never? Somewhere in between?

Did you know that your skin will tell you when it needs to be exfoliated; however, they can also be the same signs that you are over exfoliating. I'm sure you're wondering, where do I even begin?


is extremely common. If you are exfoliating daily please put down the exfoliant and listen to your skin, it's begging you to stop. Do you find that it is irritated, red and inflamed, dry or even flaky (almost rash-like)? - these are key signs that you've gone too far. But it can be fixed with our foaming cleanser and herbal face lotion - less is more when you're nursing your skin back to health


Adding an exfoliator to your routine is simple. First I recommend selecting two days a week to add exfoliation (and a face mask) to your routine. Why two days you ask? Your skin has a natural barrier that retains water, regulates oil production and protects it - if you over exfoliate, you break down that barrier and expose your gentle, new skin.
When you exfoliate two times a week you're assisting your skin in shedding the dead and dying cells, allowing your natural glow to shine through, keeping the top layer refreshed. Remember, it is important to include a moisturizer with the exfoliation to nourish the skin as you're stripping away cells.
During your night routine when exfoliating you want to massage the scrub in circular motions, applying gentle pressure for about 30 seconds and rinse with warm water (making way for the next step in your routine which is your face mask application and you want to keep those pores open). You can exfoliate in the morning, but evening is best; you do not want to cover the new skin with makeup immediately. You want to allow your skin to breath and soak up the skin nourishing oils from your herbal face lotion or herbal serum.

As I always say, listen to your skin because it is ok to omit a skincare product when your skin needs a break.

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