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What Do Your Breakouts Tell You?

What Do Your Breakouts Tell You?

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Breakouts can tell you more than you thought about your internal wellness. The truth is, the skin shares more than you might be willing to admit. When a breakout occurs you might reach for a product designed to zap it away, or a patch that will eliminate it overnight, but what happens when breakouts multiply and cover your chin, cheeks, forehead, nose, etc. 

Your daily life is exposed through your skin - the foods you eat, the pollution you are exposed to, the stress you carry, hormonal changes inside the body, sun exposure, whether you smoke or drink alcohol, etc. As we internalize these factors, our organs are effected and those changes are shown on the skin.  

Our internal organs are represented on our face, and can be subsequently divided into 3 sections: 

1. Stress Zone
2. Digestive Zone
3. Hormonal Zone 
There are several reasons for a breakout on the forehead, temples and hairline. It could be an indication of hair care products like conditioner or dry shampoos being left on the skin causing clogging of pores. Breakouts can occur here due to diet as well - your digestive system may struggle breaking down high fat or spicy foods. The best way to combat this, is to reduce consumption of these foods, and ensure you're getting enough water and electrolytes. Additionally, the evidence of stress is presented in this zone. In the body, stress causes the production of cortisol. When cortisol levels rise, they disrupt the hormones that regulate sebum (oil) balance in the skin; this results in clogged pores and development the of acne. 
Deciphering breakouts here can be a bit more complex because the digestive zone makes up majority of the face. Centering around the cheeks, breakouts can occur from sleeping on dirty pillowcases, cosmetic products, not cleansing your skin, talking on the phone, being in the city surrounded by pollutants, and even allergies. Dairy allergies as well as influxes in insulin from sugar intake are the most common food culprits in this zone. 
Did these show up around the time of the month? In the days before your period, pay extra attention to your skincare. This will help keep excess oils from adding to the hormonal breakouts on the chin. 

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