Giving Up Dryer Sheets

by DelRae Cicinelli

I know, I know... giving up dryer sheets is daunting. Well, it was for me because my clothes needed the wrinkle release, static aide, and of course the smell good fragrance. I don't know about you but I hate (all caps, exclamation point) laundry . Especially now with four people I feel like I'm drowning in clothes. Even if I do a load every night (which is not realistic); I'm the kind that waits until no one has any clothes before I consider washing a load. 

One day I got a wild hair to switch over to a more natural option; and by wild hair I confess we ran out of dryer sheets. I had some dryer balls sitting in my laundry room from when I started my journey with essential oils, and wondered if they were all that a bag of chips. I have learned from all of my experiences as I have transitioned into a more natural lifestyle that I am usually pleasantly surprised with the result. As simple as it may sound to toss some dryer balls into the dryer, it wasn't for me. How many balls do you use? Can/do you put oil on them? Do they actually improve your dry time? 

Short answer: yes. 

First of all they have shortened my dry time by hours....HOURS!! I typically have large loads of laundry so we use 6 balls. For small loads use 3 balls, medium loads 4-5 balls, and large loads 6 balls. I also prefer to scent mine with Stress Away or Frankincense essential oil. Pick any oil you prefer and add 5 drops to each ball. The scent will typically last for about 2-3 dry loads, and then you'll need to reapply. The balls themselves are also long lasting. Each ball will last a minimum of 1000 loads; however, you don't need to replace them until they begin to fall apart. Aside from being long-lasting, and dryer time reducing, the dryer balls eliminate static AND lint! My favorite benefit though, is that dryer balls are chemical free, and I don't have to worry about the buildup in my clothes, or my kid's clothes (or even my fur-babies beds). 

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