Is It Possible to Balance It All?

by DelRae Cicinelli

At the beginning of my journey in this crazy passion of mine called Loil Life I was working a full time job, was a full time student, and was pursuing a side hustle sharing my experiences with essential oils. As my life began to shift personally, becoming a fiance and a home owner, I thought that was busy. I have always been the type that overfills the plate of life, taking on (what some would say is too) many daily opportunities and responsibilities that require mental, physical and emotional attention. 

Since those early days so many things have changed. I adopted two dogs, quit my full time job (but traded it for a more than full time passion), became a wife, graduated college (but went back to get certified in herbalism), had not one, but two babies, and opened a store. Life is absolutely crazier than ever, and I'm often asked how do you do it all? 

I am a thinker, an over-analyzer, and a person who asks why... so when I hear that question my answer isn't simple, it's loaded. On a typical day I get up at the crack of dawn with the kids and immediately it's "mama food." After her first blink of an eye my oldest is ready to go, and my little is letting me know she's hungry. I muster the strength to roll out of bed after being up several times that night with my little because she is teething, or can't go to the bathroom (you know, all those under 1 struggles). After I make breakfast, and feed the dogs, the girls and I spend quality time together. I try to quickly fill yesterday's orders while the kids spend time outside and then the little goes down for a nap. It's quick clean-up time, lunch for the oldest, and me hoping I can squeeze in some work (which typically doesn't happen). If work is out of the question it's me trying to clean some small amount of the house before the little wakes, then nap time for the oldest and juggling a small babe with some admin work on the computer. When the oldest wakes up, we clean up some of the toys from the little playing, get ready to fix dinner, eat, bathe, and bed. Of course bed time never goes quite as planned, and at the end of the day I'm so exhausted I just want an easy bedtime. In between the routine of the day I am chasing around the babies, telling the oldest to get down off the chair for the 50th time, or sit down at her fischer price picnic table to finish her food, or letting the dogs in/out, or checking the mail, or grocery shopping, or laundry, or consoling a boo-boo, maybe showering, potty training, and changing an obscene amount of diapers. Once the kiddos finally close their beautiful eyes I get to work and squeeze in as many restocks as possible. 

My kids are my everything. I enjoy teaching them, hearing their laughter, and the pitter-patter of the little feet down the hallway. Being a mom is hard (and an indescribable amount of rewarding). When you add in a crazy more than full time business, it's harder. Then add in a demanding career for your spouse, and it adds more stress and pressure. So back to the question of how do I do it all. The answer, my friends, is that I do not do it all. My kitchen is my workspace and it often looks that way. I do not clean my home to the pristine level that my attention-to-detail personality would demand I do, or cook healthy meals daily. I focus on spending time with my kids, eating every meal with them, and being an involved mama by day. By night, I funnel my energy into my passion, into what fulfills me as a woman.There is always going to be a ball in the air and it will always be changing. And that's ok! 

Someone once said, you can't always be 100% good or involved in everything you do. This is pure truth my friends. Each morning I wake up I set 3 intentions; 3 things I want to accomplish that day. Some days it's more family time, more spouse time, or more passion (Loil Life) time. Each day will change, a new ball will get shuffled into the air, there will always be a work life juggle. As long as my family and my passion get shared attention (we are talking fully present in the moment attention) then I feel like I can rock the world! 


Photo credit: Samantha Paquette Photography 

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