Just how handmade are your soy candles?

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Desert Bloom Boutique and I have teamed up again to bring you sensual love wrapped in ceramic. Sharon begins the 14 day process by throwing each ceramic individually on her wheel. After letting them dry for 7 days she bisque's them for 8 hours, then lets them cool for 14 hours. She glazes the ceramic and fires again (about a 2 day process), and then the pieces land in my hands. I carefully measure the soy wax and melt it down, ensuring I add the fragrance at just the right temperature (it's different for each fragrance). As the soy and fragrance mixture cool to the optimal pouring temperature, I hand glue each wick to the bottom of the ceramic jar and set them up for pouring. After pouring, I let the candles sit overnight and smooth out an air bubbles with a heat gun. The candles sit for 5 days for the soy and fragrance to meld for the perfect burn. Now they are finally ready for you to take home the hand-poured candle, in the hand-thrown ceramic, housed in the hand-stamped box <3

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  • Jeri

    Hello there,
    I am currently the owner of an Etsy gift box shop but am looking to branch out and create my own website where I can spread my wings and sell all types of products in my gift boxes that I find from many awesome vendors. I am currently looking for some fun facial masks and I love your packaging! Would you be interested in a wholesale order? I have a beautiful rose colored gift basket that these would be beautiful in! Just let me know.
    Cloud None Gift Box LLC

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