Loil Life Black Label

by DelRae Cicinelli
Loil Life Black Label is our latest collection that is designed with men in mind. Skincare is important for everyone, and we wanted to put an emphasis on our all-inclusive brand by extending our lines to men, specifically. Currently, Black Label is composed of Beard Serums, Beard Balms, Candles and a Working Hand Salve. Why did we choose to start with beard serums and balms? As a wife and skincare advocate, I understand that a man’s beard might be an asset to his style, or his clean-shaven face may be a requirement for work. Working at a job where you have to arrive clean shaven can be killer on your skin; could you imagine shaving every single day… talk about painful. We create serums and balms to help condition and soothe the skin for these tough-on-skin requirements. If you happen to want a stylized beard, something to tame those fly-a-ways and take back control of the beard, our beard balms are the solution you have been searching for. Candles were the next addition because … man caves. Candles might be a love for the ladies, but a dirty man cave not so much. Spruce up any man-space with the sleek black tin of a candle, and improve the overall ambiance by lighting the crackling wooden wick. Your space will look nice, and smell even better. The Citrus Working Hand Salve is our latest addition to this collection. Find yourself washing your hands several times a day, working in a trade where you handle wood, car parts, or other rough materials that can callus your hands, or find that depending on the season your skin feels achy and dry? The citrus salve is my take on an all-purpose moisturizing salve for tough-on-hands jobs. Washing your hands repeatedly can be extremely painful overtime if you are not properly moisturizing, working on cars or with wood can cause callused, cracked or bleeding hands, and the weather can really affect the moisture level of your skin making it scream out in pain asking for help. The citrus salve provides the much-needed moisture your skin needs in these circumstances. The salve is also a great option for cracked, or dry heels of the feet. The fastest way to recovery is to apply the salve to either feet, hands, or both and apply socks and/or gloves overnight. It will cause a world of difference by morning. Loil Life Black Label is our newest collection and will continue to expand with products that are designed with men in mind. Keep a lookout for new products being added to this collection soon! We are planning to tackle more facial care products, and revamp some of our other product formulations to cut through the dirt, grime and sweat for men. 

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