Soft Scrub Miracle

Soft Scrub Miracle

When it comes to cleaning my master bath I'll be the first to admit it's not my number one priority. Often I find my shower getting this strange pink residue along the bottom, and the only way to get it out was with bleach (yuck!) About 3 years ago we moved towards being a chemical free home, and now with little ones (human and fur babies) chemicals really are NOT an option. 

When you are a busy stay at home mom (which is already a full time job), and a business owner, a chef, a maid, and all of the things we ladies are (or stay at home dads, you too), sitting down on your hands and knees scrubbing for what feels like hours isn't an option. But with this magical scrub <insert twinkling emojis and unicorns> all you need are 3 ingredients, some hot water, + an old tooth brush (to get into those smaller areas). 

You will need baking soda, vinegar + an essential oil of your choosing. I use Young Living Purification because it gives me the refreshing clean scent I cannot live without, and I've had the greatest result. 

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 vinegar
  • 8 drops Purification 

Just mix the ingredients and put into a container of your choosing. I love the wide mouth tins! 

I have found the best results if you wet the area of concern with warm/hot water first, apply the mixture and let sit for 60 seconds - if you wet each area and apply the paste, by the time you return to your original spot you will be ready to scrub. I wet the toothbrush with warm water scrub back and forth 1-2 times and rinse with warm water. TA-DAAAA the surface looks like brand new! 

Other uses for this paste are

  • Drop a tablespoon of this paste in the toilet, scrub around the sides of the bowl with a toilet brush and BOOM clean and good as new!
  • Works great for stainless steel faucets or appliances
  • Perfect for around the sink + shower drains 
  • Cleaning tile grout - you'll want to experiment with how long to leave on your tile depending on the level of grit and grime

This magical paste is one of my staple cleaning supplies, plus it's incredible easy and affordable to make - about $7 for 1 lb of the mixture. 

Hope this helps you reduce chemicals in your home + the number of cleaners you need around <3





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