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Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials


We are giving you our TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS to make it through another season in AZ. Whether you love the heat, or prefer the A/C, in the dry, warmer months your skin is still in need of the same products. 

But first, let's not forget water! In addition to these topical products water is extremely important to the skin and body. There are several reasons you can be experiencing dehydration so choosing to fill your body with water AND electrolytes will give you the foundation to healthy, glowing skin. 

#1 Facial Mist 

use it on your face or your body to restore hydration to your skin. Draw the water already inside to the dehydrated parts of your skin. 

#2 Body Butter

indulge your skin in some serious oily goodness. Do you feel like you apply lotion a million times a day and you are still flaky and dry? The heat of the summer can leave your skin without moisture and in need of some true repair. Our body butter has skin nourishing oil that provide long-lasting moisture to your skin. 

#3 Lip Balm

give your lips nourishment, and not the kind that's chemically formulated to keep you applying all the live-long-day. Whether you're looking to repair them (sun burn, wind burn, chapped, etc.) or add a little shine, we have a minimal ingredient lip balm you didn't know you needed. 

#4 Mineral Sun Butter

as we've explored in previous blogs, SPF is essential to protecting your skin, but choosing the right protection is important. Without SPF all of the work you're doing to maintain great skincare will be out the window. So reflect those rays and apply your SPF daily.

#5 Arizona Mist 

essential during summer for those moments where your skin has been overexposed to the sun. The Arizona Mist will restore hydration, and help cool/soothe your skin. 

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