Sleeping in Silk

by DelRae Cicinelli

You hear it all the time ... "Get your beauty rest" ... do you get your suggested eight hours a night? More importantly what do you sleep on? 

Although your comfy choice of bed sheets might put your body and mind at ease, what are they doing for your skin? A silk pillow case just might be what you have been waiting for. The smooth surface minimizes friction against your skin, and decreases tugging which will eliminate creases from an uneven pillow case (aka crush wrinkles) while you sleep. Have you ever woken up with a line on your face from a crinkled up pillow case? I always thought - wow I slept well! Who knew I could be doing better for my skin. 

Let's talk about hydration... sleeping on a silk pillow case can also keep your skin hydrated! Silk does not absorb moisture as other sheets options (like cotton) would because it is less porous; instead, it keeps you cool and maintains hydration levels within your skin. This is an especially good benefit for someone with dry skin. For us Arizona folks it's perfect all year round because we simply lack moisture in our environment. 


Silk is a bit more pricey than your everyday pillowcase, but it is a small change that can improve your skin's appearance and health. 

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