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Take your moisturization up a notch with our thick hand and body lotion. Borderline a hand cream the thickness of our lotion is paired with fast absorbing ingredients leaving your skin feeling nourished without the continual re-application. 


Rose Quartz is chosen for self-love. All crystals charged and cleansed in moonlight to allow your energy to resonate in your product. 

Directions Apply as desired to hands and body via pump top. 

*To open: ensure top is screwed on tightly, while holding inner black ring spin pump top counter clockwise until it pops up

IngredientsDI Water, Almond Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Argan Oil, Steric Acid, Shea Butter, Paraben/Phthalate/Sulfate Free Preservative + Essential Oils


  • Calm - Vanilla/Lavender/Chamomile/Ocotea/Cedarwood
  • Cedar + Sage - Cedarwood/Sage
  • Champagne Citrus - Grapefruit
  • Sensitive (No scent - Essential Oil Free)


Product consistency and color may vary due to plant-derived ingredients.

Product contains nut tree ingredients. If prone to nut allergy consult physician before use, or seek medical attention in the event of an allergic reaction. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any disease, illness or ailment.

If you have never used natural or therapeutic grade essential oil based products, breakouts on the skin may occur. Essential oils are designed to rid the body of toxins, and first-time use may begin that process. 


To provide natural products infused with herbs and essential oils to showcase the power of plants. Never sacrificing on quality; always intentionally natural.


All products hand-made in small batches to ensure quality by DelRae - founder, herbalist and esthetician. 


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