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Organic Baby Bum Mask for your precious baby's bum! Our baby powder is bentonite clay based + will turn to a dark grey paste when contacts moisture. Wipe baby bum clean between diaper changes, but see first-hand all its moisture absorbing properties! 

  • Bentonite Clay diminishes an allergic reaction, reduces inflammation, speeds healing + serves as an anti-bacterial
  • Arrowroot Powder absorbs moisture that can inflame and prolong diaper rashes
  • Calendula promotes would healing 
  • Lavender soothes irritated skin  

These organic ingredients are blended together to provide quick relief to your babies bottom. Apply to clean baby bum as needed, and wipe off before reapplication between diaper changes. 


Bentonite clay is volcanic ash that is largely found in Fort Benton, WY;however, it was discovered in Montmorillon, France. Today bentonite clay is primarily harvested from France, Italy and the US.

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