Hand Sanitizer Spray

Hand Sanitizer Spray
Hand Sanitizer Spray
Hand Sanitizer Spray
Hand Sanitizer Spray

Hand Sanitizer Spray

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A revolutionary hand sanitizer that leaves your hands feeling clean + moisturized, while the spray minimizes waste and over-use. 

  • Almond Oil serves as anti-bacterial + moisturizer
  • Vitamin E Oil hydrates skin 
  • Vegetable Glycerin serves as a humectant + provides a barrier to the skin to keep it moisturized 
  • Witch Hazel aides in removing bad bacteria 
  • Peppermint Essential Oil locks in moisture 
  • Rosemary Essential Oil works to eliminate bacteria 
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil serves as an antimicrobial 
  • Lavender Essential Oil calms + soothes skin, while moisturizing 
  • Spearmint Essential Oil serves as an antimicrobial 
  • Citrus Essential Oils (Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon) added for scent + to uplift mood 

Shake vigorously before each use to thoroughly mix. Spritz 2-3 times on hands and rub together. 


If you have never used natural or therapeutic grade essential oil based products, breakouts on the skin may occur. Essential oils are designed to rid the body of toxins, and first-time use may begin that process. Citrus oils can cause photo sensitivity, avoid direct sunlight after use. 

** Product contains Almond Oil which is derived from the almond tree. If prone to nut allergy consult physician before use, or in the event of allergic reaction. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any disease or illness.

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