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Phoenix Entrepreneur Magazine : February 2021 "Top 25 Women to Watch" (#8)

Grateful, humbled + thrilled to receive this accolade from my community. 

Canvas Rebel April 2022 (click to view article)

Voyage Phoenix: November 2021 (click to view article)

Upper Westsider: September 2021

Thankful to be able to share my story about starting in the CTE program and growing into the entrepreneur I am. 

Upscale Living Magazine: September 2020 (click to view article) 

Honored and delighted to be included in the line up for empowering women in the organic beauty industry! October 2020 (click to view article) 

Overjoyed to have some of personal favorites (and family staples) shared with other communities!

Local Undercover: August 2020 (click to view article)

Phoenix Entrepreneur Magazine : July 2020

Excited to be a part of this issue with many other amazing women sharing my love for herbalism and how natural products have become a life changer! 

Voyage Phoenix : April 2020 (click to view article) 

Honored and blessed to be a part of the SHOUTOUT TO AZ segment where I was able to share my struggles and triumphs; and give some much deserved thank you's.

Phoenix Home & Garden: September 2019 (click to view article #18)

Our clay masks were selected because of the variety of skin types and textures we target; plus, the organic ingredients and properties behind each carefully crafted combination.  

Voyage Phoenix: August 2018 (click to view article)

As a new business I was excited to share my passion with the online readers for Voyage Phoenix. It was the first feature for me in a magazine, and an amazing experience learning how to put my story on paper. More than thankful to have worked with this fabulous team of people.