Belly Butter

Belly Butter
Belly Butter
Belly Butter
Belly Butter

Belly Butter

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Our magical belly butter comes to you in a 3 oz jar filled to the brim with butters + oils ready to nourish your body and aide in stretch mark prevention + reduction. 

  • Almond oil promotes the synthesis of collagen + elastin, and contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cocoa Butter is high in Vitamin E content which aides in fading scars + healing skin 
  • Shea Butter is high in Vitamin A content (accelerates skins renewal process), Vitamin E repairs skin, + Vitamin K maintains skin elasticity + improves stretch mark discoloration
  • Rose Hip Oil contains fatty acids which support skin texture + prevent stretch marks 
  • Lemon Essential Oil replenishes oils lacking in skin
  • Lavender Essential Oil heals + strengthens skin, and increases collagen production 
  • Sage Essential Oil stimulates blood flow increasing circulation to help eliminate stretch marks
  • Helichrysum Essential Oil serves as an anti-inflammatory + improves blood circulation aiding in skin repair
  • Frankincense Essential Oil tightens skin + lightens and prevents stretch marks
  • Geranium Essential Oil promotes collagen production + speeds up skin healing process

** Product contains Shea Butter which is derived from the shea nut + Almond Oil which is derived from almond tree. If prone to nut allergy consult physician before use, or in the event of allergic reaction. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any disease or illness. 

Store in cool, dark place. 


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