Candle of the Month Club

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Welcome to our Candle of the Month Club! 

Every 5th day of the month we will send you one of our hand-poured pure soy candles complete with a crackling wooden cedar wick. The monthly fragrance is a surprise + we send along a little gift - maybe it's a wick cutter, a colorful match set, or a sample of one of our other hand-crafted products we like to leave you surprisingly happy. 

  • Candle fragrances may be duplicated in a 12 month period depending on availability; however, we do our best to provide you a new fragrance each month
  • Candles are available in 12.5 oz or 22 oz glass, hand-blown vessels 

Update your subscription to swap between sizes, or cancel anytime! 

RECYCLE jar to Loil Life for discount on future candle purchases, or wash the jar with soap + water to REUSE for anything your desire! 


June: Seaside Vacay

July: Fruity Pebble 

August: Peach Bellini 

September: Pumpkin Spice 

October: Mulled Cider

November: Apple + Maple Bourbon 

December: Under the Mistletoe 

January 2021: Vanilla Bean

February 2021: Black Raspberry Vanilla

March 2021: Tangerine Mimosa

April 2021: Hawaiian Sugar

May 2021: Sugared Lemon

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