In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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Join the Jedi Order or the Dark Side - pre-order your candle today and decide your fate. 

Pre-order ends 4/19. Candles may be purchased after 4/19, but the candles will be distributed randomly. 

The Jedi Order (3 Saber Colors available, but your selection is a mystery)

  • Blue - Jedi that defends The Order 
  • Green - Jedi with strong connection to the Force 
  • Purple - Jedi bonded to their Kyber crystal with a temperament between Light and Dark Side 

The Dark Side (Sith) 

  • Red - the exclusive color of the sith - the saber is foraged in a way that causes the Kyber crystal to "bleed" from it's suffering 

***GIVEAWAY:: The Black Saber (Darksaber) :: Best others in combat and be entered into a chance to win the Dark Saber. Only 1 in existence - created by the first Mandalorian - this blade will be gifted to one person at random that pre-orders 2 or more of our Star Wars Inspired Candles. 

*Yellow, White, Magenta, Bronze, Orange and White Sabers not available. 

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