New Mama Gift Set

New Mama Gift Set
New Mama Gift Set

New Mama Gift Set

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As a new mama we know there are so many unknowns, and we want to make choosing products for recovery easy. As a seasoned mama, we wanted to give you a quick grab n go set that has all of the essentials.

Grab it for yourself, or gift it to a soon-to-be mama. 

Inside the box: 

  • Herbal Sitz Bath

    Our herbal sitz bath is designed to help you recover after childbirth. Herbs carefully chosen to aide in your relaxation and recovery.

    • Chamomile is used due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal + anti-septic properties
    • Comfrey is high in proteins and folic acid + excellent at easing hemorrhoids
    • Marshmallow Root is used for its anti-inflammatory properties + ability to reduce pain.
    • Yarrow is an anti-bacterial used to prevent infection + to stop bleeding.
    • Calendula is used for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties
    • Plantain Leaf is soothing to injuries + helps to prevent scarring
    • Epsom Salt is used to for hemorrhoid prevention
  • Perineal Spray:

    Our perineal spray is formulated for after birth relief + aide in healing.

    • Witch Hazel provides cleansing and healing properties
    • Vegetable Glycerin provides moisturization to the damaged skin
    • Cucumber Extract provides a cooling effect + soreness relief
  • Boobie Balm

    The nipple nurturing salve is essential oil free + safe to use from the newborn stage and beyond. We gently place calendula, lavender or a rose bud at the center of each salve to continue infusing each herb's medicinal properties that give your skin soothing relief with each use. 

    • Olive Oil is high in Vitamin A and soothes skin while acting as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory 
    • Jojoba Oil reduces chaffing and chapping, calms skin * Vitamin E + B-complex in jojoba oil repair skin + maintain damage control
    • Coconut Oil serves as a natural anti-fungal, antiviral + antibacterial to help cleanse + heal
    • Beeswax encourages new cell growth, protects the skin + locks in moisture
    • Shea Butter moisturizes + supports new skin growth
    • Calendula promotes skin repair for wounds 
    • Rose Petals serves as an anti-bacterial + anti-inflammatory
    • Lavender calms and soothes skin 

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