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What's My Skin Type?

What's My Skin Type?


The struggle is real when it comes to deciphering what our skin type may be. What does knowing your skin type do for you? Well, that is the trick for skincare; it allows you to select products that will promote the right repair for you. 

Your skin feeds off a multitude of things, but diet and water intake is crucial to getting healthy skin. The appropriate water intake can be a life changer, causing you to look glow-y and radiant. Water flushes the toxins from your skin, clearing dirt and bacteria helping to promote an acne-free complexion. A facial roller also helps with flushing out your lymphatic system keeping everything cleared. 

Now before we head down the road of caring for each skin type let's find out what you are. Here's a quick and easy way to determine your skin type: 

1. Wash your face with the foaming cleanser. DO NOT apply anything to your skin (moisturizer, makeup, sunscreen, etc.). 

2. Let your face do it's thing for 30 minutes and then examine your skin.

... I'll wait here. 


Welcome back! What did you discover after those 30 minutes? Which of the 5 skin types are you? 

Let's start with the easiest of skin types to maintain.

NORMAL SKIN needs a good face cleanser and moisturizer. Let's not forget sunscreen, but if you keep your skin well cleansed and moisturized you should have beautiful skin that will mature well, and not age prematurely.

Need an easy swap? Grab our BARE ESSENTIALS kit - a perfect gentle cleanser and light moisturizer! 

DRY SKIN can leave you feeling itchy, flaky and defeated. Your dry skin lacks hydration because it doesn't produce enough sebum (oil) to properly lock in water and fulfill it's protective duty at 100%. Dry skin yearns for moisture, and the key is layering hydrating products with moisturizing ones. I would suggest prepping your skin with the herbal toner which hydrates skin, following with the herbal serum and herbal face lotion. Also, keep on eye on your water intake; it is key in aiding in skin looking bright and dewy.  

OILY SKIN can be frustrating, feeling like you have to carry around blot cloths to keep away the shiny areas of our skin. It also causes an increase in bacteria build up, and thus acne. A common misconception is depriving your skin of oil because it's already producing an excess; sometimes our skin is in oil producing overdrive because we are depriving it... YOUR SKIN NEEDS OIL! Moisturizing is essential even when you have oily skin, and by applying oil you can actually minimize breakouts. The herbal serum is an amazing light moisturizer to incorporate into your routine if you have oily skin.

COMBINATION SKIN has patches of dryness and oily areas (often on the T-zone). The best way to take care of your skin when you have combination is to find hydrating toners and light weight moisturizers. Try the herbal face mist following the herbal toner, and then the herbal serum to lock in the hydration. 

Some final rules of thumb for all skin types that will overall just be a benefit. 

1. Drink water

2. Don't deprive your skin of moisture! 

3. Exfoliate twice a week! Skin replicates every 27 days, so help kick those old cells to the curb and make wake for your new skin to shine through! 

Comment and share your skin type! What regimen works for you? I'd love to hear! 

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