The Loil Life Update

THE BILTMORE GATHERING - Every Weekend until 12/23

Hello Handmade Market 12/15 @ Heritage Square

Pop up in Litchfield Park 12/18

Pop up at Audrey’s 12/22 from 11am-2pm

The Biltmore Gathering

2502 E Camelback Rd

Phoenix AZ 85016



My journey started in 2014 when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I began using essential oils as a natural alternative to medication, which brought positive changes to my diagnosis, and eliminated my symptoms. Due to my skin sensitivities, I began to create organic bath + body care products for myself, and it didn't stop there. Over the last two years I have shared my products + encouraged others to live LOILY to their bodies and its natural processes.

Loil Life is an organic company that infuses our products with essential oils + herbs. We let the herbs and oils meld together for 3 weeks before blending them into our products. We believe that to provide you with the purest, untainted products that all ingredients should be words you have heard before (NOT the scientific whoop-la), and not contain preservatives. Without preservatives our products remain pure + truly natural. 


If you have never used natural or therapeutic grade essential oil based products, breakouts on the skin may occur. Essential oils are designed to rid the body of toxins, and first-time use may begin that process.

Please consult a physician before using if pregnant. Loil Life is not responsible for misuse of products. For best use, store products in a cool dark place.


Activated Charcoal – draws out bacteria + helps fight acne 

French Pink Clay – removes dead skin + provides fresh glowing appearance

Turmeric – tightens pores + clears skin 

Honey (we use local AZ) – natural antibacterial, removes dead skin cells, helps to draw moisture into skin

Grapefruit – reduces dark spots, decreases oils in skin

Lemongrass – promotes even, glowing skin, tightens pores

Peppermint – cooling to the skin, decreases breakouts, natural lip plumper

Lavender – natural inflammatory

Tea Tree – decrease breakouts *overuse can increase oils of the skin

Frankincense – skin protector, smooths fine lines, minimizes pores, promotes a natural glow


I am a LoilLife Fan for life!! I love these organic based products. And each time I try a product I’ve already used it just keeps getting better and better. I love their high quality products and the fact you get your monies worth - they last a long time! My favorite is the soap and chap stick. I love the chapstick. I recently tried the Stress Bath tea - a new favorite, and hand sanitizer. I keep the sanitizer in my purse to use when hand washing isn’t an option. I’m not usually a fan of hand sanitizer except using LoilLife’s products knowing they are organic based, home made - sign me up. Not only is the quality of the product and wide range of product availability, but once you meet the owner DelRae you know how much love is poured into each item she makes. DelRae is literally that a Rae of sunshine. Wife, mama, business owner - she kills it at what she does. I recommend LoilLife to everyone. Support small business!

Aryel B.

I attended their pop up shop and it was absolutely amazing. The little shop was SO cute and all of their products smell absolutely amazing. I bought the makeup remover, sugar scrubs, and lip duo and I love them all. HIGHLY recommend!

Oliviah V.

Absolutely love this brand! I have been on the lookout for a skincare brand that is both affordable and works great with my skin. I was lucky enough to try some of the products out and I am hooked; especially on the face wash. Can't wait to try the toner next!.

Joanna L.

I was beyond thrilled with the quality of my LoilLife products! I have used several of the body scrubs and bath bombs. Every item smells absolutely amazing and leaves your skin so silky smooth and moisturized. Fast shipping, very reasonable prices and amazing products!

Julie B.

Stop buying anything else but this. I've tried EOS and almost any other organic chapstick you can think of, this is it. It's so soft when you apply it, the best chapstick ever. Thank you!!.

Sharon S.

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