Soy, Crackling WoodWick Candles (Classic Collection)

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Lean in and hear the crackle of our wooden wick candles as the intentional scents fill your space and transport you back to a cherished memory.

Each one of our candles was created based on a personal experience, with the scent profile, herbs and crystals all chosen for a specific purpose. 

    Classic Collection 

    !! Not sure which scent to choose? Grab a sample pack of scents to see which one you gravitate to before committing to a larger size. 


      • Sweet strawberry with rose petals and rose quartz
      • Vessel: copper tin
      • Intention: self love and healing 

      The Copper Rose Story:

      Do you struggle with self-love? Do you give yourself grace as you move through life and just appreciate the moments, big or small, for the value they bring to your story?

      Self-love is a concept I have struggled with all my life, so my draw to rose quartz couldn't make more sense. Rose petals are a feminine and elegant reminder to give yourself grace in the beauty of life, rose quartz is a self-love provider, and strawberry represents the purity and healing that is necessary to allow yourself in all stages of life. 


      • White currant with white willow bark and smokey quartz
      • Vessel: lavender tin
      • Intention: internal power

      The Goddess Story:

      Goddess came about from my need to find internal strength. As we all go through life looking to find ourselves, I wanted a reminder to light when I needed to remember I am exactly who I am meant to be... changing for good and growth according to me and no one else. 


      • Tangerine with lemon balm and citrine
      • Vessel: sage green tin
      • Intention: abundance 

      The Prosperity Story: 

      This candle of abundance was born to set the intention being plentiful; whether that is in money, time, family, self-care, passion, grace, etc. Choose your abundance for your life and set the intention. 


        • Peach with heather flower and carnelian 
        • Vessel: peach tin
        • Intention: joy and courage 

        The Phoenix Story: 

        Rise - that's all I think when I share about Phoenix. Rise into joy by finding courage in allowing yourself to experience happiness. Put down the distraction and allow yourself to be. 


        • Petitgrain and sandalwood with green tea and black obsidian
        • Vessel: light grey tin
        • Intention: attract peace and calming energy 

        The Trench Story: 

        In the Pacific Ocean there lies the deepest crescent shaped trench - home to darkness, freezing water and the unknown. 

        When I think of the meaning behind this candle it is to calm the spirit. Allowing myself to find my way into the darkness (for me that’s a place of calm) and rest in the paradise that’s on the other side.

        WHITE ELDER 

        • Vanilla with elder flower and white quartz 
        • Vessel: white tin
        • Intention: ground your spirit

        The White Elder Story: 

        For me this candle symbolizes spreading your wings while being rooted in your truth.  As a young adult, leaving the comforts of my childhood home to discover who I was as an adult in my own household was challenging. I made mistakes and let life be messy, but always remained rooted in my core values.

        Each night I would come home from work, curl up in a fuzzy blanket and light a vanilla bean candle to calm myself from the chaos of a trauma emergency room. It was my daily ritual to ground my spirit and remind myself that the simple things were enough to bring happiness, contentment and joy. 


          Initial Burn: Cut a vertical slit in the wooden wick and light. Allow wax pool to burn all the way to the edge - may take up to 4 hours on initial burn. Avoid areas of direct air flow.

          On next light: knock off or cut burned wick, cut vertical slit in wooden wick and light.

          If you experience an issue with wick lighting, DO NOT dig out wax or continue to cut wick. Ensure you are in an area without airflow, the old burn has been trimmed, and a vertical slit has been cut in wick to prep for next burn.

          Scent Copper Rose

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