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In 2014 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon were put to an end. Despite this life-changing diagnosis, I saw it as a platform, as a way to inspire others for change.

At the age of 21, I sought out natural alternatives to support my body’s natural processes to improve the symptoms I was having from Multiple Sclerosis. As I navigated my new normal of having full-sided numbness I was introduced to essential oils. It was a quick moment to belief for me; Frankincense reversed my symptoms, and to this day is the oil that stops a flare in its tracks. (*Side note – please understand not all essential oils are created equal, and each person’s experience may be different).

From here I wanted to eliminate chemicals from my home and provide myself with a solution for skincare products due to sensitive skin struggles. As I began incorporating oils, I found a passion for skincare and stumbled my way into herbalism. Loil Life today is an evolution of the girl who found the magic in essential oils and the woman who harnesses the power of plants to craft skincare (and wellness products) infused with crystals.