Facial Roller

Facial Roller
Facial Roller
Facial Roller
Facial Roller
Facial Roller
Facial Roller

Facial Roller

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A facial roller is important to help clear toxins from the lymphatic system of the body leading to brighter complexion, tighter pores, reduced under eye circles and inflammation + helping the overall skin texture. 

  • Rose quartz symbolizes calming and healing. 
  • Lepidolite is for emotional balance and inner peace.  
  • Jade represents harmony of the mind, body + soul. 
  • Opalite brings inner peace and removes energy blocks
  • Sodalite symbolizes cosmic beauty. 
  • Amethyst is a master healer. 

Apply our dark spot serum or herbal serum to face to allow for easy gliding. (Use an essential oil or other face oil as an alternative. Place roller on fridge for added benefits.) Always apply a light, comfortable pressure when using the roller.

  1. Start at chin and roll up toward hairline. (Large side of roller) 
  2. Move from the nose out toward hairline. (Large side of roller) 
  3. Use small side of roller and roll across eyelids from inner eye out toward the temple. 
  4. Roll from the inside eyebrow out toward the temple and then from eyebrow up across forehead toward hairline (Large side of roller) 
  5. Roll from chin down neckline to decollete (Large side of roller)
*Check out our IG www.instagram.com/loil.life for a video on using the roller. 


    Jade is the original facial roller because of the stone resistance. It can provide a better contour, or toning, effect to the skin. Rose Quartz is a silkier stone, so if you're looking for the perfect contouring tool Jade is the best choice! 






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